Light Blue Sapphire


Products: Natural Sapphire; Shape: Oval; Color: Light Blue; Size: 6.00x4.80 mm; Weight: 0.95 carats; Clarity: No visible inclusions; Treatment: Heat Treated; Origin: Sri Lanka; Notes: Asymmetrical handcrafted;

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This 0.95 carat oval natural sapphire has a light blue color and dimensions of 6.00x4.80 mm. With a clarity with no visible inclusions, the sapphire is heat treated to enhance its durability and brilliance. Its Sri Lankan origin is recognized for its quality stones. The asymmetrical handcrafted processing adds a unique element to each piece, making it suitable for various jewelry applications.

Sapphire is a variety of corundum, a mineral composed of aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃). Its distinctive coloration is due to the presence of small amounts of trace elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, copper or magnesium.

Sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it the second hardest natural material after diamond, which has a hardness of 10. This makes sapphire extremely scratch-resistant and ideal for use in jewelry.

: SAU15
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Natural Sapphire
Light Blue
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Eye clean
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Asymmetrical handmade cut
Sri Lanka
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