Purchased products can be returned within the time limit specified in the store terms and conditions accepted when the order was placed. To return purchased products, take the following steps:

1. Log into your account and select the "Order history and details" button:


2. Choose the order you wish to operate on. Check the products you wish to return and specify the reason and other details you wish to mention.


3. Track the status of the return from your account by going to the "Returned goods" tab:


4. Wait for approval of the shipment. Print the return form, pack and ship the products. If you do not have the technical ability to print the return form, the products may be shipped without it.


5. After dispatch, send the package's tracking number to the trader listed on the order page for the returned products, or call/SMS the number displayed in the shop. Track the status of the return.

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6. Following examination, the return may be accepted or rejected. The merchant will contact you to arrange for a refund via bank transfer or credit note/voucher for future orders. If the return is rejected for objective reasons, the goods will be returned to the buyer. Conditions for return can be found here...

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The shipment has reached the stage of full return. Depending on the option you select, you will receive your money via bank transfer within two to three working days or via vocher for subsequent orders.