At Muntele Comorilor we have temporary or permanent price discounts. These offers may appear periodically or as a result of rewarding our customers' loyalty.

Conditions for granting permanent discounts:

All accounts opened in the store are accrual customer accounts. Thus, the discounts are granted as follows:

- Accounts that have over time total orders of 1000 lei receive a permanent discount of 5% for orders after reaching the required minimum threshold.

- Accounts that have over time total orders of 2000 lei receive a permanent discount of 10% for orders after reaching the minimum required threshold.

- Partners and collaborators with proven activity in the jewelry industry can receive a permanent discount of 12% after reaching the minimum threshold for 10%

The setting of these discounts is done manually from the store administration. If you have reached the required threshold and the discount was not granted on the following orders, please contact us to check and remedy the situation.

Conditions for granting temporary discounts:

- Customers who intend to purchase products with a value of at least 5000 lei can negotiate price reductions even if they have not reached the minimum threshold necessary to benefit from price reductions.

Offers and price discounts:

- Periodically we run offer campaigns. Several types of discounts cannot be combined for the same product. Follow the store to benefit from them.

- For certain periods, we offer product packages that present an advantage of the purchase price.

- Some products may have price reductions depending on the quantity purchased. More products ordered, lower price paid.

We welcome you to browse our store let us to know if you can do something for you.