• Natural Amber
    From the Baltic Sea
    Natural amber
    Beautiful color
    Oval shape
    Price from: 4.50 EUR
    Price up to: 80 EUR
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  • Natural sapphire
    From Sri Lanka
    Blue Sapphires
    Natural stones
    At your choice
    Price from : 1 EUR
    Price up to: 500 EUR
  • banner3-pink-garnet-4-en
    From faraway Tanzania
    Natural Pink Garnet
    Elegant color
    That catches the eye
    Price from: 0.20 EUR
    Price up to: 40 EUR
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  • Natural Turquoise
    From mysterious Persia
    Blue turquoise
    Crafted by hand
    For custom jewelry
    Price from: 4 EUR lei
    Price up to: 50 EUR lei
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  • Burgundy Garnet
    From Mozambique
    Red Burgundy Garnet
    Natural stones
    Deep color
    Price from: 0.20 EUR
    Price up to: 30 EUR
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  • Lapis Lazuli
    From Afghanistan
    Lapis lazuli
    Stunning blue color
    Real stones
    Price from: 0.60 EUR
    Price up to: 60 EUR
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