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White Moldavite


Product: Natural Moldavite; Colour: White; Size: 35.50x22.60x29.10 mm; Weight: 150 carats; Treatment: Untreated; Condition: Unpolished; Origin: Sri Lanka;

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This natural Moldavite, originally from Sri Lanka, is a notable example of semi-precious stones in their rough form. Its white colour, crystal dimensions measuring 35.50x22.60x29.10 mm and a significant weight of 150 carats highlight its presence and make it accessible for various uses, collections or educational or decorative purposes.

A key attribute of this Moldavite is its untreated condition, which ensures that its natural characteristics and beauty are preserved without any alteration. This aspect, along with the rough, unprocessed appearance, appeals to both the curious and collectors looking for authentic, unaltered stones.

Its Sri Lankan origin adds an element of rarity and authenticity, as Sri Lanka is known for its rich gemstone deposits. This piece, with its significant size and natural aesthetic, is an excellent choice for those who value the intrinsic beauty and natural qualities of semi-precious stones. In essence, this natural Moldavite is distinguished by its purity, substantial size and visual appeal, making it an exceptional selection for collectors, designers and natural gemstone enthusiasts.

What is moldavite?

Moldavite is a variety of tektite, a type of natural glass formed by the impact of a meteorite with the Earth or by volcanic activity. This rare and fascinating material is known for its olive-green to dark green colour and is found predominantly in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, part of the Central European tektite dispersal field. The Sri Lankan Molddavite on the other hand is white in colour.

Gemological and scientific characteristics:

  • Chemical composition: Moldavite is composed mainly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminium oxides, with traces of iron, magnesium and potassium oxides.
  • This composition gives it its transparency and specific green colour.
  • Hardness: On the Mohs scale, moldavite has a hardness between 5 and 7, which makes it relatively resistant to scratching, but still susceptible to chipping and cracking under strong impacts.
  • Optical properties: moldavite's unique green colour is attributed to the presence of iron oxides and can vary in intensity from transparent to opaque.
  • Some pieces exhibit bubbles, i.e. small air bubbles encapsulated during their rapid formation.
  • Formation and origin: Moldavite was formed by rapid cooling of molten material ejected by meteorite impact or volcanic eruptions , which explains its irregular and often streamlined shape.
  • This rapid cooling prevented crystallisation, resulting in an amorphous structure. Rarity
  • and distribution: Due to its unique origin, moldavite is considered a rare material, found in limited numbers in certain locations
  • Most deposits of green moldavite are located in southern Bohemia, and quantities available on the market are limited.
  • Uses: In addition to its aesthetic value in jewellery, moldavite is also valued in various spiritual and healing practices, where it is believed to have special energetic properties, including the ability to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution and facilitate interdimensional communication.
: MIN-MD-006
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Stone type
Natural Moldavite
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Visible inclusions and fractures
No treatments
Sri Lanka
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