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White Blue Aquamarine


Product: Natural Aquamarine, Form: Rectangle, Color: Blue White, Size: 7.50x4.50 mm, Weight: 1.15 carats, Clarity: No visible inclusions, Treatment: Untreated, Origin: Pakistan

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If you are looking for a semi-precious stone, we recommend this natural aquamarine. The colour is a delicate blue white, reminiscent of sea water on a clear day. The size of the stone is 7.50x4.50 mm and the weight is 1.15 carats. Clarity is good, showing inclusions faintly visible to the naked eye. The stone has not undergone any treatment and is natural and genuine. Its origin is Pakistan, a country known for the quality and diversity of its gemstones. This aquamarine is an ideal choice to create an affordable and elegant piece of jewellery.

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone that is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Russia and many other countries. It is a blue or greenish translucent stone with a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, along with emerald and morganite and is known for its healing and calming properties. It is often used in jewellery, but can also be cut into gemstones for use in interior decoration or to add to semi-precious stone collections. Aquamarine is a popular choice for engagement rings and other luxury jewellery because of its natural beauty and its symbolism of love and fidelity.

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Stone type
Natural Aquamarine
White Bluish
Stone size mm
Weight carat
Stone Clarity
Slightly visible inclusions
No treatments
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