Blue Kyanite


Product: Natural Kyanite, Shape: Oval, Color: Blue, Size: 3.90x2.90-4.10x3.20 mm, Weight: 0.20 carats, Clarity: Faintly visible inclusions, Treatment: Untreated, Origin: Nepal

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This natural kyanite, of Nepalese origin, is distinguished by its intense blue colour. Oval in shape with dimensions ranging from 3.90x2.90 mm to 4.10x3.20 mm and weighing 0.20 carats, this kyanite has faintly visible inclusions, which add a touch of authenticity and character to each stone. It is important to note that the kyanite in this lot has not undergone any treatment, thus retaining all of its natural properties. There are also subtle differences in colour shades between the stones in this lot.

The chemical composition of kyanite is Al2SiO5, which is an aluminium silicate. It belongs to the group of aluminosilicate minerals, which also include andalusite and sillimanite, all of which have the same chemical composition but different crystal structures. Kyanite forms under high pressure and temperature conditions and is often found in metamorphic rocks.

This natural kyanite is an excellent choice for collectors and jewellers looking for authentic, unaltered gemstones.

: KIR15
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Hurry! only 20 items left in stock.

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Natural Kyanite
Stone size mm
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Slightly visible inclusions
No treatments
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