Red Pinkish Ruby

Red Pinkish Ruby


Product: natural ruby; Shape: round; Color: pinkish red; Size: 6.00 mm; Weight: 1.30 carats; Clarity: no visible inclusions; Treatment: special glass insert; Origin: Mozambique; Note: Asymmetrical handcrafted;

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This natural round ruby, with a pinkish red colour, has a diameter of 6.00 mm and a weight of 1.30 carats. Originating from Mozambique, the ruby exhibits clarity with no visible inclusions and has been treated with the insertion of a special glass to improve its quality. The asymmetrical handcrafting adds a unique element to this gemstone, making it ideal for both mineral collectors and craft creations. This ruby can be used in a variety of projects, providing a distinctive and elegant look.

Natural rubies are gemstones prized for their beauty and durability. They have an intense red to pinkish-red colour, which varies depending on the concentration of chromium and iron in the crystal. The round shape is one of the most popular and versatile for rubies, as it allows for a cut that maximizes the brilliance and light reflection in the crystal.

The treatment applied to low-quality natural rubies is the insertion of special glass, which consists of filling cracks or gaps in the stones with a transparent material, a procedure that improves their colour and clarity. This treatment is accepted on the international market and does not affect the durability of the stone. The origin of natural rubies is Mozambique, a country in southeast Africa that has a rich supply of high-quality gemstones.

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Stone type
Natural Ruby
Red Pinkish
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Eye clean
Glass filled
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Asymmetrical handmade cut
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