Dark Mauve Spinel
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Dark Mauve Spinel


Product: Natural Spinel; Shape: Cushion; Color: Dark Purple; Size: 6.70x5.00 mm; Weight: 1.00 carats; Treatment: Untreated; Clarity: Visible inclusions; Origin: Sri Lanka; Grade: Asymmetrical hand-crafted;

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The product is a natural cushion-shaped spinel, measuring 6.70x5.00 mm and weighing 1.00 carat. The spinel is dark purple in colour and has inclusions visible to the naked eye, giving it an authentic and distinctive appearance. The stone has not undergone any treatment, thus preserving its natural character. The origin of spinel is Sri Lanka, a region renowned for its high-quality gemstones. The asymmetrical handcrafted processing gives it a unique character, different from the usual standards. This spinel is ideal for use in inexpensive or handcrafted jewellery, bringing an added uniqueness to any design.

Spinel (natural magnesium aluminate) is a mineral of the magnesium oxide category that crystallises in the cubic system, with the chemical formula MgAl2O4. In its natural form as well-developed crystals, spinel is commonly found in magmatic rocks but also in metamorphic rocks such as marble as octahedral crystals, more rarely as twin crystals. It can also be found in grootite (sedimentary rocks). The best known geographical regions where the mineral has been found are Sri Lanka, Myanmar or Pakistan.

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Data sheet

Stone type
Natural Spinel
Dark mauve
Stone size mm
Weight carat
Stone Clarity
Eye clean
No treatments
Additional details
Asymmetrical handmade cut
Sri Lanka
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