Secure payment

In order to pay for the products, our store offers the following payment options: payment by card, payment by bank transfer and Paypal (on request).

In the case of card payments, the transaction processor is Netopia Payment through the MobilPay service. On request payments can also be made through PayPal. For Paypal please inform us prior of your purchase.

Payments are secured by SSL encryption certificates on our site and by the 3D Secure method to protect the financial data of the cards. VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD are accepted.

During the processing of card payments, your data cannot be viewed by any third party, they are under the exclusive administration of the payment processor, respectively Netopia MobilPay.

Your financial data is protected by the payment processor as well as by the Romanian and European laws in force, the merchant not having access in any form to them, receiving only the confirmation of the payment related to your order.

Order processing is done only after payment confirmations.