Dark Green Tourmaline
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Dark Green Tourmaline


Product: Natural Tourmaline; Color: Dark Green; Size: 12.00x6.10x6.50 mm; Weight: 4.40 carats; Treatment: Untreated; Condition: Unpolished; Origin: Pakistan;

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The product is a natural tourmaline crystal with a dark green colour, originating from Pakistan. This unprocessed and untreated crystal retains its original natural state. Measuring 12.00x6.10x6.50 mm and weighing 4.40 carats, tourmaline comes in a size and mass that allow for versatile use, either for incorporation into jewelry or as an element in a mineral collection. The dark green colour is unique to this type of tourmaline and reflects the crystal's chemical composition without any changes caused by external treatments. The fact that it is untreated ensures its purity and authenticity. Its origin in Pakistan contributes to the geological context and value of the crystal, given the regions known for their tourmaline resources.

: MIN-TU-009
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Data sheet

Stone type
Natural Tourmaline
Dark green
Stone size mm
Weight carat
Stone Clarity
Visible inclusions and fractures
No treatments
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