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Light Pink Pearl


Product: Natural freshwater pearl, Shape: Round, Color: Light Pink, Treatment: Untreated, Size: 9.70 - 10.10 mm, Weight: 0.95 - 1.05 grams, Pearl type: Button

Size Selection : 9.50 - 10.00 mm
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Our product consists of natural freshwater pearls, round shape with a delicate light pink colour. These pearls have not been subjected to any treatment so that they retain their natural beauty intact. Their size varies between 9.70 and 10.10 mm and their weight is between 0.95 and 1.05 grams. The type of bead is button and the processing is semi-perforated. The symmetry of these pearls is a good one, which makes them an excellent choice for any type of jewelry.

Freshwater pearls are formed inside freshwater mollusks, and they can be of several types. Here are some species of molluscs that can produce freshwater pearls:

1. **Molluscs of the genus Hyriopsis:**

- This genus includes molluscs that can produce pearls known as "Chinese freshwater pearls". These pearls can have various colours, including white, pink and purple.

- Molluscs in this genus are often found in rivers and lakes in China.

2. **Cristaria molluscs:**

- These molluscs are known to produce freshwater pearls and are found in regions such as South and Central America.

- The pearls produced by these molluscs can come in a variety of colours and shapes.

3. **Molluscs of the genus Margaritifera:**

- These molluscs are widespread in Europe, North America and Asia and are known to produce freshwater pearls.

- Pearls produced by these molluscs are often used in jewellery.

4. **Anodonta molluscs:**

- Molluscs of this genus are found in lakes and rivers and can produce freshwater pearls.

- They can be found in various colours and sizes.

Freshwater pearls are formed when a foreign body, such as sand or a shell fragment, penetrates the inside of the mollusc. In an attempt to defend themselves, molluscs cover the foreign body with layers of nacre, which consists of crystallised calcium carbonate. Thus, over time, a pearl forms. Each mollusc and each environment in which it lives can influence the characteristics of the resulting pearl, including its size, shape and colour.

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Hurry! only 15 items left in stock.

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