White Sapphire


Product: Natural sapphire; Shape: Round; Colour: White; Size: 1.90 mm; Weight: 0.04 carats; Clarity: No visible inclusions; Treatment: Heat treated; Origin: Tanzania;

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Explore subtle elegance and refinement with this natural white sapphire, a true gemstone from Sri Lanka, renowned for its high-quality gem mines. With a perfect round shape and a size of 1.90 mm, this 0.04-carat sapphire exudes a discreet yet profound charm, ideal for integration into fine and sophisticated jewelry.

The white color of the sapphire offers extraordinary versatility, allowing it to match any type of precious metal, from white gold to platinum, and complement any color palette. With remarkable clarity, free from visible inclusions, this gemstone reflects light spectacularly, adding a subtle sparkle to any piece of jewelry.

The heat treatment applied to the sapphire not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also confirms a commitment to quality and durability. This traditional method is recognized for its ability to amplify the natural beauty of the sapphire, ensuring that each piece will shine to its full potential.

Originating from Sri Lanka, this heat-treated white sapphire is the ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to their jewelry. Whether set alone for a minimalist effect or combined with other gemstones for a more elaborate design, this sapphire promises to bring an extra layer of refinement to any ensemble.

: SAL22F
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Hurry! only 10 items left in stock.

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Product name
Natural Sapphire
Stone size mm
Weight carat
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Eye clean
Sri Lanka
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