Red Burgundy Garnet


Product: Natural Garnet; Shape: Round; Color: Burgundy Red; Size: 6.80 mm; Weight: 2.60 carats; Clarity: No visible inclusions; Treatment: Untreated; Origin: Sri Lanka;

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This natural garnet of Sri Lankan origin, round in shape, is 6.80 mm in diameter and weighs 2.60 carats. Its deep cherry red colour gives it a special elegance, making it ideal for any type of jewellery. The stone shows remarkable clarity with no visible inclusions, which underlines its superior quality. Being untreated, this garnet retains all its natural characteristics intact, offering authenticity and a natural charm. Perfect for jewellers and collectors, this gemstone is an excellent choice for unique and exquisite creations.

Garnet is a mineral of the silicate group, with the chemical composition XII3YIII2(SiO4)3. X represents the bivalent metal ions calcium, magnesium, iron(II) or manganese (XII), with trivalent metal ions YIII as aluminium, iron (III), titanium, vanadium or chromium. Structurally, garnets are isolated (island) silicates. Garnets crystallise in the cubic system. The hardness of the crystals depends on their chemical composition, ranging from 6-7.5 on the Mohs scale. The colour is also variable, frequently reddish brown, yellowish green, black, and never blue. They frequently occur in massive, grainy forms or short crystals, with a mass reaching 700 kg. The chemical composition of the crystals is influenced by the composition of the surrounding rocks (the Pyrop variety is always associated with magnesium-rich rocks). Garnets are frequently found in peridotite and serpentinite, in metamorphic rocks (gneisses and eclogites), or in sediments in stream valleys. The following minerals belong to the garnet family: almandine, andradite, demantoid, melanite, grossular, hessonite, tsavorite, pirop, spessartin and uvarovit. Most crystals have been found in the USA, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

: GRU27
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Natural Garnet
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Sri Lanka
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