Madeira Citrine


Product: Citrin Natural, Shape: Oval, Colour: Yellowish Brown, Size: 14.00x10.10 mm, Weight: 5.25 carats, Clarity: No visible inclusions, Treatment: Untreated, Origin: Brazil

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  • Product: Natural Citrine
  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Yellow Brown
  • Size: 14.00x10.10 mm
  • Weight: 5.25 carats
  • Clarity: No visible inclusions
  • Treatment: Untreated
  • Origin: Brazil

Madeira Citrine is a variety of citrine, and its name indicates a specific geographical origin - the Portuguese island of Madeira. This type of citrine enjoys particular popularity due to its distinct colour and unique qualities. Here are some interesting details:

1. Colour: Madeira citrine is characterised by a distinct colour, which can range from a light yellow to deeper shades of orange or even orange-red. This vibrant colour distinguishes it from other citrine varieties.

2. Origin: Madeira citrine originates, as the name suggests, from the island of Madeira, which is known for its deposits of high-quality quartz. The island of Madeira belongs to Portugal and is located in the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Physical properties: Like other varieties of citrine, Madeira citrine is a type of quartz. It has a significant hardness on the Mohs scale, making it scratch resistant and suitable for processing into jewellery.

4. Use in jewellery: Due to its attractive and bright colour, Madeira Citrine is often used in jewellery, including rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. It lends itself well to cuts that highlight the beauty of its colour and transparency.

5. Value: High quality Madeira Citrine can be considered valuable, especially if it has intense colour and excellent clarity.

6. Valuation: When valued, aspects such as colour, cut, clarity and carat are taken into account. Vibrant color is often a key factor in determining value.

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Stone type
Natural Citrine
Yellow Brown
Stone size mm
Weight carat
Stone Clarity
Eye clean
No treatments
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