Brown Orange Amber


Product: Natural Amber; Shape: Oval cabochon; Color: Orange Brown; Size: 21.60x16.00-21.80x16.00 mm; Weight: 9.00-9.20 carats; Stone Clarity: Visible inclusions; Treatment: Untreated; Origin: Poland;

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This natural amber, native to the Baltic Sea area of Poland, is an impressive semi-precious stone. It has an oval cabochon shape and is distinguished by an attractive orange-brown colour. The generous size of the stones, ranging from 21.60x16.00 mm to 21.80x16.00 mm, and their weight of approximately 9.00–9.20 carats make them remarkable pieces. The stones have visible inclusions, which not only are proof of the authenticity and natural history of amber, but also add a unique character to each stone. Untreated, this amber retains its organic beauty and purity, making it valuable to collectors and enthusiasts. It is ideal for being made into exquisite jewellery, whether it be pendants, rings or other accessories, bringing a touch of nature and history to any outfit.

Amber is a fossilized resin from coniferous trees that has hardened and mineralized over millions of years. It is known for its unique properties of preserving organic materials, including insects and plants, which can often be visible as inclusions within it. Amber's colours can range from pale yellow to a reddish brown or even green, depending on environmental conditions and the chemical composition of the original resin.

From a professional point of view, amber is evaluated according to clarity, colour, and the presence of inclusions that can add aesthetic and scientific value. Untreated amber, especially that with interesting inclusions, is particularly valuable in collectors' and researchers' circles.

In the jewellery industry, amber is processed into various forms, such as cabochons, which highlight the natural beauty and depth of colour. Amber is prized not only for its beauty, but also for its supposed therapeutic properties, such as relieving pain or fighting inflammation. This stone is a popular choice in jewellery because of its natural lightness and warmth, giving a touch of sophistication and naturalness to any accessory.

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Data sheet

Stone type
Natural Amber
Oval cabochon
Orangish Brown
Stone size mm
21.70x15.90 - 21.80x16.00
Weight carat
8.80 - 9.25
Stone Clarity
Visible inclusions
No treatments
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Price by piece
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