Orange Carnelian
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Orange Carnelian


Product: Carnelian Natural; Shape: Oval cabochon; Color: Orange; Size: 7.90x5.70 mm; Weight: 0.80 carats; Clarity: Visible inclusions; Treatment: Untreated; Origin: India; Note: Handcrafted processing;

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This natural carnelian, originally from India, is worked in an oval cabochon shape, measuring 7.90 x 5.70 mm and weighing 0.80 carats. The stone is distinguished by an orange colour that gives it a warm and appealing presence. Despite the visible inclusions, which are natural features that underline the authenticity and uniqueness of the stone, carnelian retains a reasonable clarity. Untreated, it retains its purity and intensity of natural colour, adding aesthetic value. Artisanal processing adds a distinctive and personalised character to each stone, making it ideal for unique jewellery or as a central element in various creations.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is a form of microcrystalline quartz. It is known for its red, orange or reddish-brown colour due to the presence of iron oxide. Colors can range from very pale to very intense, and they are often translucent.

In history, carnelian has been used since ancient times, prized for its beauty, and worn as a semi-precious stone. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used carnelian in jewellery and decorative objects and associated it with protection and inner peace. It was also believed to give courage and vital energy to its wearer.

Nowadays, carnelian is used in jewellery to add a splash of colour and is believed to have healing properties in crystal therapy, being associated with activating courage, vitality and personal motivation. It is believed to help stabilize energy and promote a positive state of mind.

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Natural Carnelian
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Eye clean
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